Monday, November 12, 2012

{sweet DIY} office supply cake banner

True confession time: I can't decorate a cake to save my life. Seriously. After years of practice, I'm confident that I can bake up a birthday cake that tastes as good as anything from a fancy bakery, but if you want it to look professional....well then you'd better leave that part to the pros. I can't even count the number of times I've ruined a perfectly delicious cake with an ill-advised attempt at decorating. Marzipan flowers that looked like play-dough. Piped out stars that were shaped more like spiders. I thought I was a lost cause--until I discovered the cake banner. The cake banner's brilliance lies in the fact that it looks best on a simply frosted cake. Which means that all you have to worry about is baking up something delicious, and the banner will take care of making it appear fun and festive. So when I found myself at the office about to present a coworker with a birthday cake that had been haphazardly topped with a random smattering of sprinkles, I knew that a banner was just what I needed to handsome-up my homely cake. Lucky for me, I keep my drawers stocked with a variety of colorful desk accessories--just the thing for making an office-themed birthday banner. No marzipan or piping required.

DIY Office Supply Cake Banner

2 bendy straws
baker's twine
small post-its in assorted colors
small circular labels in assorted colors
a pen
a scissors
a very sharp pencil

Using the circular labels, write out the message that you want to appear on your banner, putting one letter on each label. Affix the labels to post-its in coordinating colors. Use the pencil to poke two holes in the top of each post-it. Measure out one or two pieces of baker's twine to a length that's slightly shorter than the width of your cake (depending on the length of your message and the width of your cake your banner may need to be two levels to ensure that the message will fit across the cake). Thread the baker's twine through the post-its, and tie each end around a bendy straw. Stake the straws into the cake, and impress your coworkers with your craftiness. 

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