Saturday, October 1, 2011

{wanderlust} the pacific coast highway

Scenes from a road trip. A road trip that took us out of Los Angeles, and through Malibu, Santa Barbara, Morro Bay, San Simeon, Big Sur, Carmel, Pebble Peach, Monterey and Half Moon Bay until we finally arrived in San Francisco. A road trip that involved some of the most beautiful sights I've ever seen. A road trip that involved themed music mixes (think early morning indie driving music, late afternoon top 40 driving music, and late night I-think-I-need-to-sing-along-to-Abba-at-the top-of-my-lungs-to-stay-awake driving music). 

A road trip that involved snack stops for muffins, fish tacos, salt water taffy, more fish tacos, cookies,  farm-stand strawberries, clam chowder...I could go on. 

A road trip that involved elephant seals and jellyfish  and zebras by the side of the highway. Oh my indeed. 

A road trip that involved me driving for the first time in a very long time. A road trip that involved simultaneous navigation by no fewer than two GPS systems at any given moment and a giant box of jujufruits stashed in the glove box.  In other words, the best road trip ever. Recommendations and recipes from Route 1 coming up next week.

From Top: Beach, San Simeon; Boardwalk, Santa Barbara; Cliffs, Big Sur; Strawberries, Half Moon Bay; Fish Taco, Morro Bay; Farm stand, Half Moon Bay; Elephant Seal, San Simeon; Jellyfish, Monterey Bay Aquarium; Zebras, Hearst Castle; Me in a Jeep, 17 Mile Drive

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Ali said...

The strawberries look plump and delicious. Love the photos, seems you having fun. Love your blog :)