Friday, October 28, 2011

pumpkin chocolate chip squares

I can't believe that I let three Octobers pass without telling you about these pumpkin chocolate chip squares.  We go back a long way, these pumpkin squares and I.  Longtime readers know that before moving to my current apartment, I lived with Julia and her red Kitchen Aid in Morningside Heights. But before that, I lived with another Julia (I know, it gets confusing even for me) in a make-shift two bedroom apartment on the east side. Our living room didn't have any windows and there was only enough space for a love seat,  but each holiday season we packed upwards of 30 young twenty-somethings into that tiny apartment for our annual "cookies and cocktails" party. We decorated with greenery and mistletoe, served mulled cider in red solo cups, and baked holiday cookies and other seasonal treats for days. But each year the most sought after item wasn't a peppermint brownie or a Christmas tree cookie or even a candy cane cupcake. Without fail, the first thing to go was always these pumpkin chocolate chip squares. Serving these pumpkin squares became our tradition, and  they will forever remind me of the holiday parties we had in that tiny apartment (and of overgrown frat boys spilling beer on my Ikea furniture, but that's another story altogether). Nevertheless, I make them any chance I get, whether it's holiday party season or not. I've made them for a birthday, for a bake sale, for brunch (what can I say--sometimes a girl just needs some cake for breakfast), and now I'm finally making them for you. Packed full of pumpkin, chocolate, and autumnal spices, these cakey squares would be a delicious and seasonal addition to a Halloween party, a fall event, or just an otherwise unexciting Thursday.  Lets just try to keep the beer off of the sofa this time. 'Tis the season.

Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Squares
Recipe From Martha Stewart Living, Available Here

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Unknown said...

As the Julia of Cookies and Cocktail fame, I can attest to how amazing these bars are. And that our lives improved drastically once we got rid of the beer spillers.