Thursday, September 8, 2011

peach white chocolate frozen yogurt

Dear September: You can have my white shorts, my flip flop tan, and my glass of rose. I'll even throw in the iced coffees if it comes to that. But my ice cream? You're not getting that one without a fight. I know that Labor Day has come and gone, but I plan on continuing to enjoy my nightly frozen treat well into the fall and winter. When it grows so cold that my mitten-clad-fingers can't fathom holding that icy bowl, then maybe we'll talk about making a trade for tea cakes and hot toddys. But for now, I'll continue mixing up batches of this peach white chocolate frozen yogurt, and I suggest you tell September that you'll be doing the same. It will be October soon enough.

Peach White Chocolate Frozen Yogurt
This isn't much of a recipe, but here's what I did: I mixed up a batch of peach frozen yogurt (I used a method similar to this one), and when it was finished churning, I stirred in half a cup of high quality chopped white chocolate. That's it! A simple and tasty late summer treat.

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Tia said...

it looks amazing. great creativity!!!