Monday, May 23, 2011

devil's food cupcakes with raspberry cream filling

The only thing I love more than a baking project is a birthday baking project. I can't get enough of the decadence, the celebration, the element of surprise. But lately, our office surprises have been getting a little old. Case in point: the last big office birthday. We reserved a conference room, had someone call a fake meeting, and delighted in thinking we had fooled the birthday boy when he showed up with a notebook and a pen. That is, until we realized he'd written "I know this is a fake meeting" at the top of the page.

So when it came time to bake something for my good friend and officemate's birthday, I decided that a forced surprise was futile. Instead, I asked Leah exactly what she wanted, and she requested a chocolate and raspberry dessert. So a chocolate and raspberry dessert I made. But old habits die hard, and I couldn't let the occasion pass without sneaking in one tiny surprise.

As it happens, I had just read Luisa's post on Karen DeMasco's Devil's Food Cupcakes, which included a cream filling, and I decided to fill my seemingly plain chocolate cupcakes with raspberry cream. The deep, rich, chocolaty cake was lightened by the sweet, creamy filling, and it was fun watching my coworkers bite into the cupcakes and realize what was inside. Finally, a birthday surprise that everyone can get behind.

Devil's Food Cupcakes with Raspberry Cream Filling
Recipe Adapted from Karen DeMasco, and available here

Recipe Notes:
-To make the raspberry cream filling, puree half a pint of raspberries in a blender or food processor (I used a Vitamix). Add the puree to the cream filling, a couple of tablespoons at a time, until it is the desired color and flavor (you will not need all of the puree). If your filling is too thin or not sweet enough, you may want to add an additional tablespoon or two of powdered sugar, as well
-I found the cupcake filling very difficult, so I ended up just filling the cupcakes from the top. The hole was camouflaged by the ganache and the raspberry that I placed on top of each cupcake
-I found that these rose quite a bit, so be careful not to overfill your cupcake tins

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Sewasis said...

OMG, I remember these. They were sooo delicious. You take amazing pictures. I pretty much just want to eat my screen.

xoxo, Nicole