Sunday, February 20, 2011

peanut butter nutella krispies

My love for nutella is no secret. So when I heard that February 5th was world nutella day, you better believe I was on it. Well, if by "on it" you mean a day late. Hey, I've been a little busy lately. Thankfully, these peanut butter nutella krispie bars were worth the wait.

First seen on Top Chef Just Desserts, this grown up version of a rice krispie treat starts with candied rice krispies, which are then coated with a layer of chocolate and nutella and topped off with a peanut butter chocolate ganache. The bars were the hit of my brother's superbowl party, and the leftovers disappeared at the office the next day.

Just thinking about them has me wanting more. I might have to declare tomorrow world nutella day part two.

*PS How cute is my new apron, which served as the backdrop for the above photos? My friend Paulina had it made for me when she lived in the Gambia last year. Thanks P!

Peanut Butter Nutella Krispie Bars
Recipe by Eric Wolitzky of Baked, Available via Bravo


Sprinzette @ Ginger and Almonds said...

Your blog is gorgeous - what a bunch of sweet treats! I look forward to trying one out.

Jaime said...

MMMMMMMM... I LOVE nutella! will have to try these :) thanks for sharing

amish baby crib said...

I really love every dessert that you have here. They are always so delicious and it so ruins my diet.