Friday, August 6, 2010

champagne wishes

A few weeks ago I hosted a party. A very special party for two very special people. And in addition to hershey kisses and party horns and ring pops (a necessity for any engagement party) I decided that I needed cookies.

I wanted something fun and festive, but they didn't just have to look nice--they also had to be delicious. I've made a number of sugar cookies in my day, and truth be told, they've never been my favorite. It doesn't matter how cute a cookie is--if it tastes like cardboard I'm just not interested.

Thankfully these cookies were both adorable (if I do say so myself) and delicious. The cookies were soft, buttery, and just sweet enough, and the royal icing was the perfect consistency. I outlined my cookies with a thicker icing, and then thinned what remained with water before dying it with food coloring and using it to flood the cookies. Martha Stewart has a great tutorial on this technique here. They were both darling and delicious. All in all, they were the hit of the party. Well, besides the ring pops of course.

Ideal Sugar Cookies with Royal Icing
Recipe From Martha Stewart

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Cakelaw said...

I think these cookies are adorable too - lucky couple!