Friday, April 30, 2010

strawberry cupcakes

New York may be a pretty progressive place, but its residents just aren't ready for a two-tiered cupcake carrier. At least not before they've had their morning coffee. I learned this lesson when I baked two dozen bright pink cupcakes, loaded them into a domed carrier, and proceeded to carry them onto the d-train during morning rush hour.

If you think that's crazy, you're not alone. Because I quickly learned that toting a cupcake carrier on the subway is the kind of behavior that lands you right up there on the insanity scale with the guy swaying back and forth and singing Michael Jackson’s Thriller to himself. My fellow morning commuters were totally ignoring the usual New York loonies and gawking at me instead. That’s okay Manhattan, I understand. But if two dozen cupcakes with fresh strawberry buttercream are crazy, then you can consider me very happily insane.

Quite simply, these cupcakes were to die for. The cake was light and moist with a delicate crumb, and the fresh strawberry buttercream was so good that it was honestly a struggle to ensure that some of it ended up on the cupcakes themselves, rather than being shoveled directly into my mouth. So what are you waiting for? Bake up a batch this weekend. You'd be crazy not to.

Strawberry Cupcakes with Fresh Strawberry Buttercream
Recipe from Sprinkles, Available Via Martha Stewart

Recipe Notes:
-I used fresh strawberries in this recipe, which I pureed in my food processor
-I doubled the cupcake recipe, and used 2/3 cup of strawberry puree in my cake batter
-I increased the amount of strawberry puree in the frosting to 1/3 cup
-I did not double the frosting recipe, but still had enough buttercream to generously ice my cupcakes. Which is pretty impressive, considering that several spoonfuls had to be comandeered for taste testing purposes. You know, just to make sure that it was safe for my coworkers to eat.


Tia said...

so cute! NY seems to be quite the cupcake place. my mom/sis were just there visiting and said the cupcake is huge there compared to here, VANcouver BC

Serenity said...

I'm not usually much of a cupcake person because of synthetic-tasting icing, but I really love the idea of fresh butter cream made from real strawberries. Sounds yummy, indeed.

Mary said...

NYC is the ultimate cupcake town....Boston, DC....not as good. I bet people were debating stealing your cupcakes, carrier and all! Great post.