Sunday, April 25, 2010

coconut and lemon curd tart with fresh berries

A few weeks ago, I hosted a mini-Seder at my apartment. Obviously, I was in charge of the dessert. The next night, I was invited to another Seder, and asked to guessed it--the dessert. With two Seders to bake for, I needed something that was both simple enough to make in duplicate, and easy to prepare ahead of time. I knew that I had to make matzo crack (without which there would be mutiny in my family) as well as Payard's flourless chocolate walnut cookies. So I decided that the main dessert should be something light and fruity in order to balance out all of that richness.

This tart was cobbled together from a few different recipes. I started with the shell from Martha Stewart's Almond Coconut Tart. Perfect for Passover, it tasted just like a coconut macaroon (and was the easiest tart shell I've ever made to boot!) I made the tart shells a few days ahead of time, and froze them, tightly wrapped in tinfoil. For the filling, I used Ina Garten's Lemon Curd. I was a little nervous about this recipe because of its unconventional preparation (the entire thing comes together in the food processor) but the results were totally amazing. The perfect balance of sweet and sour, this curd would also be delicious sandwiched between cookies, spread on biscuits, or um...eaten by the spoonful. Not that I would know or anything. I made the lemon curd the night before the first Seder, and stored it in a Tupperware in the refrigerator. To assemble the tarts, I removed the shell from the freezer the morning I wanted to use it, and filled it with the lemon curd once it had thawed. To finish the tarts, I arranged fresh berries across the top, but this would be equally delicious with stone fruits, coconut or meringue. As my mom pointed out, it would also be beautiful for the Forth of July. Easy pretty and delicious? Now that's my kind of baking.

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Serenity said...

I love the colours of your dessert. So inviting and pretty. Yummy too, I bet!