Thursday, April 8, 2010

chocolate stout cupcakes

I'm not usually much of a beer girl. But I don't mean that in a prissy, I never touch the stuff sort of way. Certain situations--baseball games, barbecues and bars with sawdust on the floor among them--call for beer and only beer. But when given the choice, I will usually opt for a glass of wine. So it's no surprise that even though I had the recipe for these chocolate stout cupcakes bookmarked for ages, I never seemed to get around to making them.

Until last month. I was looking for something festive to bake up for St. Patrick's Day, and having already ruled out something green (I didn't have enough food coloring) and Irish Soda Bread (I didn't have enough patience) I remembered this cake. So I popped down to the store for a six pack of Guinness and got to baking. But to be honest, I didn't have high hopes for this recipe. Sure, I expected these cupcakes to be tasty and festive, but I wasn't anticipating that they'd be something I'd ever want to bake again.

Boy was I ever wrong. These were hands down the best chocolate cupcakes I've ever made. Not only did the beer add a nutty, spicy flavor that balanced out the richness of the chocolate, but it also resulted in the moistest cupcakes I've ever tasted. To say these were a hit at my office would be a giant understatement. My coworkers were positively crazy for the cakes and for the creamy vanilla icing that I used to frost them. And as for me, well it turns out that I may just be a beer girl after all.

Chocolate Stout Cupcakes
Recipe from Barrington Brewery, via Bon Appetite
As seen on Smitten Kitchen

Vanilla Icing
Recipe from Tasty Kitchen

*Recipe Notes: I baked and frosted the cupcakes the night before St. Patrick's Day and stored them in the refrigerator overnight. I think that the cupcakes, and in particular the frosting, were even better the next day.

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