Tuesday, November 17, 2009

real world pumpkin lasagna

It finally happened. My days of strolling through the Greenmarket in the morning, making a loaf of bread at 2pm on a Tuesday or starting a batch of cookies after midnight are over. Now I carry a monthly metro card, wear a suit to work, and eat salads at my desk.

It's a sad state of affairs indeed. Thankfully, I still have Sundays. On Sundays I can sleep late, drink a whole pot of coffee, and spend the entire afternoon cooking.

Cooking things like this lasagna. Lasagna is just the kind of thing I want to make on a Sunday--it has multiple components, is easy to play around with, and makes for a satisfying weekend project. Even better? The leftovers are quickly reheated to make easy weeknight dinners. The perfect kind of dinners for my new life in the real world. Wish me luck.

Pumpkin Lasagna
Adapted from Taste of Home

Recipe Notes:
I increased the amount of half and half, added some nutmeg to the pumpkin and replaced about a third of the mushroom and onion mixture with sauteed kale.


Katrina said...

That lasagna looks so good!
Congrats on the job!

Unknown said...

The lasanga looks delicious. Good luck with the new job! Sundays are a great day to catch up on cooking/baking!