Tuesday, June 2, 2009

{twd} cinnamon not so squares

True confessions time: I've been deceiving you. You see, every once in a while I will post a recipe on this site that instructs you to melt chocolate over a double boiler. The truth? When I test those recipes myself, I always melt my chocolate in the microwave instead. That's how my grandmother taught me, and I've just never had the patience to do it any other way. Until now that is. I decided that in honor of my new kitchen, I'd turn over a new leaf, and start doing things the "right" way.

Did that sound convincing? Because the truth is that while I did finally use the double boiler, it wasn't in the interest of correctness. No it was because my new kitchen has no microwave. But this week's Tuesday's With Dorie recipe, Cinnamon Squares, was worth the time and effort. The base is a coffee cake laced with cinnamon, espresso and bittersweet chocolate chunks, and the whole thing is topped with a bittersweet chocolate icing. Instead of baking the recipe in an 8x8 pan, I made cupcakes (easier to transport to my bar class and distribute to my classmates). Other than that, I made the recipe as instructed and thought that it was delicious. If you omit the frosting (or not) it would also make a fabulous breakfast cake.
Thanks to Tracey of Tracey's Culinary Adventures for this week's pick!

Cinnamon Squares
From Dorie Greenspan's
Baking From My Home to Yours
Recipe Available


Tracey said...

Thanks for baking with me this week! I made cupcakes too and yours look terrific! I almost always melt my chocolate in the microwave too :)

Anonymous said...

I think your Cinnamon Square muffins look delicious! And I usually use the microwave to melt chocolate too! This recipe is definitely a keeper!

The Food Librarian said...

I love your muffins! They look great. And that kitchen aid mixer looks fantastic!!!

Teanna DiMicco said...

Those cupcakes are awesome!!! I LOVED this recipe!