Monday, June 29, 2009

homemade potstickers

Growing up, potstickers were a mainstay whenever my family ordered Chinese food. In fact, they were so popular around our dinner table that we always made sure to get two full orders for the four of us. This doesn't sound like all that much, if not for the fact that my mom and I wouldn't touch the things. (Mom wasn't eating much meat back then and I wasn't a fan of the texture). My dad and brother on the other hand, well lets just say that they always ate their fill. So when I saw that this month, Jen of use real butter challenged the Daring Cooks to make potstickers from scratch, I knew just who to invite over for dinner. When my brother showed up (early, natch) I was just placing the first batch on the table. Thirty minutes and several dozen potstickers later, we were all too full to make much of a dent in the main course.

Not only were the potstickers delicious, but I really loved tackling this month's challenge. I had never made anything like this before, and it really got me out of my cooking comfort zone, which is exactly why I joined the Daring Cooks in the first place. Surprisingly, the recipe was much easier to make than I had anticipated. The only tricky parts were rolling out the dough to the proper thickness and making the cute little pleats in the dumplings, both of which I started to get the hang of after a couple of batches. A huge thank you to Jen for sharing her amazing family recipe, which I followed to the letter. This one was enough of a challenge for me without trying to get all fancy! I also wanted to note that I realize this post is late (really really late) but my brother was out of town on the official reveal date, and I wanted to make sure I could share these with him. Better late than never!

Homemade Potstickers
Recipe from Jen at Use Real Butter

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Teanna DiMicco said...

I still haven't made the potstickers but am determined to! Yours look so delicious!