Sunday, June 21, 2009

chicken breasts with apricot onion pan sauce

It's another cold wintery day here in New York. The skies are gray, the streets are slick with water and there's not an empty taxi in sight. It's the kind of day that makes me want to curl up with a good book and a hearty dinner. The only problem? Despite the deceptive weather, it's actually June. So slaving away over a pot of chili isn't exactly at the top of my to do list. But after a long day of braving the elements, a light summer salad is certainly not going to cut it, either. So what's a hungry girl to do?

Melissa Rubel's Chicken with Apricot Onion Pan Sauce was the perfect solution to my weather induced culinary indecision. The chicken warmed my rain ravaged body, while the bright and fruity sauce served as a gentle reminder that it is still summer, after all. Now if only mother nature would get the message.

Chicken Breasts with Apricot Onion Pan Sauce
Food & Wine Magazine, October 2008
Recipe available

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