Monday, March 9, 2009

light wheat bread

Lo and behold, it's my second loaf of yeast bread in the span of a month. It was only four weeks ago that I told you about my new found fixation with No Knead Bread, and now I've moved on to the real thing: a bona fide, kneading required, sandwich loaf. This bread was fabulous. It's soft inside, has a firm crust and toasts up like a dream. But that's not to say that it went off without a hitch. Things started out easily enough. I mixed the ingredients, added some water, and began to knead. After kneading the bread by hand for a few minutes, I decided that the KitchenAid would do a much better job than I ever could (read: my hands were getting tired and I wanted to lay down on the couch) and threw the dough in the mixer. The KitchenAid started working its magic: grabbing the dough, twirling it around in a circle, and turning it over itself, stopped.

The KitchenAid just stopped. And would not turn back on. Did I mention how much I love the KitchenAid? And that it's not even mine?Needless to say, my leisurely morning of bread baking devolved into a complete panic. Not only was my sandwich loaf a failure, but I had broken Julia's KitchenAid, which I was fairly sure was going to explode all over the apartment, given that it was burning hot to the touch. A quick Google search revealed that the culprit was likely 1) an overheated mixer, which would turn itself back on after about 20 minutes 2) a blown fuse or 3) a stripped gear. Slightly calmer, I sat down to distract myself with The Martha Stewart Show while I prayed that it was only option number one.

After exactly 20 minutes of watching Martha teach Kenan Thomas to craft, I nervously walked over to the counter, crossed my fingers, and flipped the switch....and the mixer buzzed back to life! Relieved, I resumed kneading and finished my loaf without any further problems. This bread had better be good, I though as I popped the loaf in the oven.

It was. But I think I'll be kneading by hand next time.

Light Wheat Bread
Recipe from The Bread Baker's Apprentice via Smitten Kitchen


Anonymous said...

Drama! oh no. I would have totally panicked. I'm glad to know about it in case *knock on wood* it ever happens to me.

Your loaf looks great and I'm glad it ended up being a success.

Susan @ SGCC said...

Thank goodness the mixer was just tired and not dead! Your loaf turned out beautifully. And, your slices are so perfect! I can never get mine like that. Well done!

La Bella Cooks said...

This looks perfect! Not much better than the smell of baking bread. It's so comforting!

Matt's Kitchen said...

I would have been pleading with the Kitchen Aid, "Please don't be dead, please don't be dead; you don't even belong to me..."

Bread making for some reason terrifies me. I've yet to try it. Maybe that's why my Kitchen Aid is cool and collected!

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